King of the Sugarcoated Tongues

by The Sunpilots

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King of the Sugarcoated Tongues
You traded for security. So just relax, they'll plug you in... and then this great machine can begin.

A story in 8 chapters.


released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


The Sunpilots Sydney, Australia

Alternative rock nomads from Sydney, Australia. Livin' on the road since 2010.

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Track Name: Prologue: 3 Minutes to Midnight
Prologue: 3 Minutes to Midnight

We got 3 minutes to midnight so drop the bomb. We had millions of 1’s and 0’s to save the world from. We got 3 minutes to midnight so drop the bomb.

Two men walk into a bar, trade jokes between cigars and try to read the other’s scars... like maps showing exactly where he’s been and all the faces the other’s seen. To feed into their little code breaking machines.

We got 3 minutes to midnight so drop the bomb. We had millions of 1’s and 0’s to save the world from. We’ve got 3 minutes to midnight so drop the bomb. We had pieces of shiny metal to save the world from.

Two men who walk into a store- the place their fathers shopped before to keep us safe and sound and warm. Ring ring; each buying snazzy new machines. One in blue and the other green. Daddy would have been so proud if he could see.

From the new regime and straight into your living room. Sponsored sound and vision; drip fed all the latest news. It’s a technical condition, people set to overload. No breaks in transmission messing with your thought control.

Save me ‘cause I’m falling apart under fire from grace. It’s such a curious thing when we’re shooting each other down for space. And as the sky crashes down to the ground don’t be scared, it can be replaced; we’ve got machines to fill the hole.
Track Name: Chapter I: King of the Sugarcoated Tongues
Chapter I: King of the Sugarcoated Tongues

Underneath the setting sun the jester and the chosen one debate which way they’ll make the world revolve again. While somewhere deep under the ground the lords and ladies of the crown will sow their seeds all through the night and plant words that he will write.

A puppet dancing on a string– he’s in control of everything, so safe and sound inside the wool they’ve wrapped him in. And slowly children gather round and see the freakshow they have found and bathe under his golden light and drink the words of second sight.

King of the sugarcoated tongues- building his tower to the sun. Ashes, ashes burn him down. Ashes, ashes burn him down.

Sitting on his throne up high, a playroom king surrounded by the butterflies they put there just to flatter him. And through the one-way mirror’s eye his masters view their latest prize and make the change he’ll usher in to cater to their every whim.

But shrouded by the veil of night the puppet king begins to bite the hands that hold the silver chains he’s shackled with. And from the ashes of a fool a superstar will rise to rule the secret armies they once led. All hail the king, the prince is dead.

King of the sugarcoated tongues- building his tower to the sun. Ashes, ashes burn him down. Hail to the saviour now, he’s come straight from the straight from their breeding plans to love. Ashes, ashes burn him down. Ashes, ashes burn him down.

When we go down to the core; you bend enough times and you’re sure to invite the waves that linger within and collapse the boat that we’re sinking in. You followed him out, so follow him in. Swallow the words that he serves again.
Track Name: Chapter II: The Captain
Chapter II: The Captain

All aboard, the ticket master calls. Watch your step boy, it’s a long long way to fall. Here he comes– the answer to our calls.

He’s a magical mystery man with a cure for perceptions across the land. There’s a pill for whatever you planned.

Captain man- won’t anybody see the way he’s taking over? We’re inside out and back to front so lead the way and captain, come save me.

Sailor man guide us through this storm. Back to the womb where we can be reborn. Been a little bit lonely since we met you; since we took our innocence and traded up for the state. Never really got a chance to thank you so instead we’ll look the other way.

Long live this man on all our screens; thankyou sir. You won’t last long without his say so.

‘cause I’ve been to see the rabbits on the other side and they said to me, “we see through you, don’t even try to pass it off as not your plan. You’re guilty all, of where you stand. Your one and four add up to three; you traded for security. You’d think you’d learn from your mistakes but here you are back round again. So just relax- they’ll plug you in. And then this great machine can begin.”

Bow down before the fires of our rebirth. This king’s no more- look upon your new god.
Track Name: Chapter III: God Science
Chapter III: God Science

Deep in a forest of a penicillin mind, where all my illusions are dissolving in deconstructed time. And try as I might have, couldn’t see through the wool over my eyes.

When science overthrows what we have always known. Got secret souls to blame; emotion every way. God science let me go. God science overthrown.

People were running and were pointing to the sky while men wearing velvet were relaying instructions from up high; and sending their soldiers into battle for ignorance and pride.

Push away, mayday. Mayday.
Track Name: Chapter IV: Sex and TV
Chapter IV: Sex and TV

They wait for instructions to kick off their day. The codes in the colours to program the way. Automatic ones who look just like me and you. So follow me now, we’ve got what you need. We want you.

Curing emotion with sex and TV. Gotta face this illusion that’s keeping us free. We’re bound to machines for an upside down frown till we all fall down.

They wander the city like ants in a maze. In blissful confusion prescribed by the state. And the less they all knew the more content they all grew. So follow me now, we’ve got what you need. We want you.

Strange how you were curiously numb till you were standing at the edge of night. Say you knew; say you don’t believe it’s true. Doctor will you cleanse my mind.

They sit by their fires; raise a toast to their day. Connect to the wires and upload their fates. Don’t be scared, we hear you. Your transmission’s approved. So follow me now… we’ve got what we need. You.
Track Name: Chapter V: Rain
Chapter V: Rain

Somewhere over the hill there’s a little lab where the blenders are set on high. The more you fight it, the more they spin, the less sweet nothings are mixed inside. Hey diddle diddle the cat in the middle’s gone over to the other side. She sits at the window so listlessly and stares outside.

Every time it rains… until the hours change. Gently, gently she’ll fade. Until the hours change.

Somewhere under the hill there’s a secret factory run by the men in white. They’re pulling their levers and waving as her dreams roll down the assembly line. Hey diddle diddle the cat’s found a little crack in the mirror just her size. She slips through to search for the girl that’s on the other side.

We‘ll spin. Caught in the middle again. Too mixed up to separate again.

Oh rat-a-tat-tat, there’s a kitty at the door- trained to kill but been de-clawed. So tell me kitty-cat, are you’re looking to go to war? If you want to settle up tell me what you’re fighting for.

A little too old to buy the lies and a little too young to read between the lines. A shadow in the sky is creeping up behind. You’re running for cover; you’ve found a place in which to hide. Safe under the covers until the monster’s passed you by. We’re learning to stand up; we’ll learn to stand up and unite. Until the thunder comes through in stereo tonight.

Dare to run.
Track Name: Chapter VI: The Piper's Mirror
Chapter VI: The Piper’s Mirror

Don’t you worry ‘cause contracts are broken all of the time. He’ll never collect so son, sleep tight. Face yourself; little fingers getting cold.

What’s he done for the chance to come and save us all? Will we end up in his circles and circles and; piper man won’t you come quickly and save us all? Will we end up in his circles again?

Seductive’s the music that floats through the window and into his mind. Meet up at the fairground and boys, now’s the time to face yourself in his mirrors. Save your soul.

What’s he done for the chance to come and save us all? Will we end up in his circles and circles and; piper man won’t you come quickly and save us all? Will we end up in his circles and circles again. Come to me son. Piper man, won’t you come quickly and save us all?

Take the time to use your magic prism, bend our light. We’ll burn what we want to burn; we’ll bleed what we want to bleed through your mind.

Come with me.

And off to the lookout he goes to light the great beacon to warn us and signal the children below to follow him now. To follow.
Track Name: Chapter VII: Exodus
Chapter VII: Exodus

Take a step back, we’re leaving; burn the libraries to the ground and mustn’t look back, we’re leaving; kill the council. Melt the blood red snow. The kids will be just fine when our path is overgrown. We’ve had our chance, it’s their time to shine.

Mirror mirror look at what I’ve done; what I’ve done. All the insects love me, I own everyone. Mother mother we will get it done; we will get it done. Gonna greet this madman with the piper’s guns and reverse our fear. One last hurrah before we leave here. The kids mustn’t learn what we’ve learned these years.

This machine has broken down; broken down. In the watchers’ tower the alarm bells sound. Father father we will make you proud; we will make you proud. Gonna march this army from the underground through the silver gates. Melt down the masks that conceal his face and cut out the heart of our last mistake.

All hail the revolution’s here today. We’re here to blow your majesty away. Time to hit rewind. Think you can steal this crown boys? Your mistake. Fighting reflections in mirrors you can’t break. Time to hit rewind.
For tonight... come light... time to hit rewind. For tonight he must die.

Oh piper piper, the city’s still now; we’ve cleared the air. She’s bruised and battered but never fear she will rise again. And while the children dream in colour pack your greys and join the others. How’d we fall this far? We never put it down to human error. We’ll be racing for the ships; be making for the stars, please guide our final way.